Vector Energy Advisers

Solar Asset Management 

Vector Energy Advisers safely and efficiently operates and
manages the commercial solar arrays we build for our customers

We manage each phase of the post-build life cycle of our solar PV projects and partner with our customers to reduce their spend on electricity via the energy produced by their rooftop solar array.

Operations & Maintenance

Commercial solar energy systems Houston, TX

We arrange solar panel O & M, safety checks and component tests on a scheduled basis that is non-disruptive to our customers’ day to day operations.

Solar panels that are maintained efficiently and safely can produce electricity for an indefinite period.

Energy Billing and Ancillary Services

Solar construction services Houston, TX

We provide our customers with competitive pricing for the solar energy produced by their solar arrays.

Vector Energy Advisers structures rooftop commercial solar energy systems billing rates and delivers high-quality electricity that enables our customers to realize tangible and sustainable benefits.

Project Data Management & Analysis

Solar Asset Management Houston, TX

Vector Energy Advisers ensures its customers understand the positive impact their commercial solar projects make on their bottom lines, the environment and the communities they serve.

The data derived from our solar projects is shared with our customers to help them illustrate an innovative and forward-looking strategic position.