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Solar Asset Management


You took the time and resources to invest in a solar energy platform. It is an honorable and worthy prospect: your company is doing its part to adopt clean energy and protecting the environment. Now that you have the equipment and infrastructure, do you have the means to maintain it? With Vector Energy Advisers, you will gain the resource and assistance you need to harness the power of the sun. 

We are a company dedicated to solar asset management in Houston, TX, that safely and efficiently operates and manages commercial solar arrays. On top of our commercial solar PV installation services, we manage each phase of the post-build life cycle of your investment. Through our solar project management services, we help customers reduce their spending on electricity via the energy produced by their solar array.

Providing Comprehensive Solar Energy Solutions

Enjoy a turnkey approach to energy asset management. Our solar development company provides a variety of solutions that reduce energy costs, allow room for growth and development, and extend your bottom line. Our team is highly flexible, and we can accommodate the unique needs of your organization. Whether you are managing an office or an industrial center, we will work with you to provide solutions and strategies that are both relevant and effective. Our services include:


Operations & Maintenance

Commercial solar energy systems Houston, TX

The performance and longevity of your rooftop solar projects depend on effective maintenance programs. Effective maintenance practices will allow your rooftop solar array to produce electricity for a sustained, indefinite period. We facilitate solar panel operations and management, safety checks, and component tests. All of these services are scheduled regularly, and we ensure that these solutions do not disrupt your organization’s day-to-day operations.

Energy Billing and Ancillary Services

Solar construction services Houston, TX

Solar energy is a business opportunity. With the right billing and pricing models, you can utilize the energy your rooftop solar project produces in a variety of ways--including selling it. Our asset management team drafts billing rates and delivers high-quality electricity that allows you to realize sustainable and tangible benefits. Extend your bottom line with us.

Project Data Management & Analysis

Solar Asset Management Houston, TX

Your solar development projects are making a positive difference in your community and the environment. Let us help you expand your capabilities to contribute to a brighter tomorrow. Our team collects the data from your projects and presents them in an easy-to-follow format. Our data management and analysis services allow you to revise and implement a forward-looking strategy.


Contact us and request a consultation for our solar asset management services. We are based in Houston, TX.